Sonntag, 14. Juli 2013

I'm coming back some day

Everybody that went away suffered a broken heart. “I’m coming back some day,” they all wrote. But never did. The old life was too small to fit anymore.

When'd you find me?

I can't believe it's July! Time runs like hell. I have so much things to do and I'll go on holiday tomorrow again, however I just came back home. My loveliest friend Tomasz is on his own way now, and I'll miss him for 3 fucking weeks (He is travelling to Norvegia), but I'm still happy because I'll also travel away to Germany to visit my cutest german friend, Júdith. You'll read more about her in the next few weeks haha :D Before Germany I travel to Balaton, which is a huge lake in Hungary and it's really wonderful so I hope I'll meet as weird people as me. Flirt, flirt, flirt! So, here is my last week, it was soooooooooo crazy! Enfin, I saw my friends from Bp, and we had so much fun together, like girlpower! I loved every minute of it!!!
1. Having fun with my girls: Agi and Orsi in the wild hot night.
2. Pretending I'm a model in my favourite cave. I love this hairband! Best way to flirt with sb. Every guy thinks I'm sexy when I'm wearing this.
3. Best cocktail ever!!! and also the most expensive....
4. I'm always thirsty in summer...
5. Loveliest girls God ever made: Agi, Orsi, Viola and Berni
5. Orsi's grandma invited us to feed us to death :D It was soo delicious and she is such a cute grandma! Woooh I'm hungry again...
 1. Being the happy girl after a photoshoot in the forest with Szandi. Loved that handmade hairband shit!
2. Júdith and Amra in Bp!! I was sooo excited to meet these beautiful girls in real life too! They are awesome! We spent one day together and I can't wait to see them again as soon as possible.
3. our dinner with Júdith and Amra. best meal of the day! *.*
4. The view from Deak ter. beautiful summer days!
5. What's that pose? horrible! But my second party outfit.
6. nice place and beautiful sky. romantic days in Balatonfüred.

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Sonntag, 7. Juli 2013

You can't die, because you are already dead

Wohoooo so much things to do! The most important is having fun and don't think about school till first Sept. It's so embarrassing, I don't have much time to write a text, so please forgive me and enjoy the pictures instead! My lovely Anna always works like a lion, however, she learns a lot for her Cambridge exam. Brrrr! But I love the photos she takes, they are amazing! Can't believe, my best friend is such a talented b...! 
These outfit photos are made by her in my favourite cave. It's huge, dark, cold and full of old grey stones. The best place to be! We had a lovely guest as well for the photoshoot, Rosie, who is an old woman skull. Anna's father found her as he was a kid and took her home, and now she is on Anna's bedside table. Amazing! 
Well I'm off to Balaton, where I'm gonna spend some sweet days with my besties, can't wait to see them and party with them again! GERMAN BOYS WE ARE COMING! 
Well I also wanted to inform you, BRITISH VOGUE chosed my latest outfit as the best look of the day! I was sooooooooooooooooo happy to see the many likes on Vogue's page! *.* Amazing! 
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