Samstag, 9. November 2013

Long hair days

I can't describe how much I loved my hair as they were soo long like exactly one year ago. I'm quite in love with my curly hair, because I got soo many nice compliments about my curls from german boys in this summer, I don't want to have straight hair never again! But I still wish they were longer. I found a really great website, where you can find a lot of hair extensions! I especially love wigs, because they make me remember the New york bitches, but this online shop offers 24 inch clip in human hair extensions
And I want them all, however I don't think I need more hair on my head... But it looks so good and it's all about looking great and having fun in the same time! 
I have some romantic photos from the last year for you, but after that I'll set up the new outfit photos from the woods, we took last week *.* I don't say I miss summer. I love fall/winter more than the heat, but summer days are so stressless and amazing. And calm. So don't forget to look around here , it worths the price!


  1. Da bekommt man doch gleich Lust auf Urlaub. ;)


  2. Awesome!!!Very interesting post... Beautiful pictures...Thanks!
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