Sonntag, 7. Juli 2013

You can't die, because you are already dead

Wohoooo so much things to do! The most important is having fun and don't think about school till first Sept. It's so embarrassing, I don't have much time to write a text, so please forgive me and enjoy the pictures instead! My lovely Anna always works like a lion, however, she learns a lot for her Cambridge exam. Brrrr! But I love the photos she takes, they are amazing! Can't believe, my best friend is such a talented b...! 
These outfit photos are made by her in my favourite cave. It's huge, dark, cold and full of old grey stones. The best place to be! We had a lovely guest as well for the photoshoot, Rosie, who is an old woman skull. Anna's father found her as he was a kid and took her home, and now she is on Anna's bedside table. Amazing! 
Well I'm off to Balaton, where I'm gonna spend some sweet days with my besties, can't wait to see them and party with them again! GERMAN BOYS WE ARE COMING! 
Well I also wanted to inform you, BRITISH VOGUE chosed my latest outfit as the best look of the day! I was sooooooooooooooooo happy to see the many likes on Vogue's page! *.* Amazing! 
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  1. wooooooooooow the pictures are amazing, shes beautiful and the outfit is gorgeous!! :)

    young blood

  2. Really amazing pictures! Love the headband :)

  3. Cute post.

    Loves, RJ

  4. Hallo
    Ich bin gerade auf deinen Blog gestoßen, und finde ihn richtig toll :)

    Vielleicht hast du ja Lust auf meinem Blog vorbeizuschauen?

    Und mir vielleicht auch zu Folgen?

    Lieben Gruß <3

  5. Deine Fotos und auch Outfits hauen mich jedes mal wieder um! *.*

  6. I like your shirt!
    Interesting post.
    Just came across your blog and am now following via GFC.

    Xo, Elsa
    Mix and Match the F word

  7. Sehr schöne Bilder :)

    Liebe Grüße <3

  8. Hey, Folge dir jetzt auch :)
    Vielen dank für dein Liebes Kommentar :)
    Katja <3

  9. Great photos ;)