Montag, 1. Juli 2013

Are you afraid of being alone?

Oh I can't describe what I feel now :) I'm sooo proud to have so many lovely readers! thank you, you made my day! I'm about to scream, but my mum is in the living room and she would be afraid I have some problem :D I definitely have but not today, because you are the best! THANK YOU, DANKESCHOEN!

I would like to write two posts today, but my friend is visiting me soon so I have to take a shower and put up some makeup because after so much pizzas and pasta I look like a pretty frog. :)
 1. Sleep Party People concert in Budapest. Sooo amazing, hot boys, summer, and good music! Unforgettable!
2. Nice leg day in Eger.
3. Eating some birthday pancakes with my girls. Yummy!
4. Modeling in the field of gold. Anna took some lovely photos about my new outfit.
5. My best friend, my lover, my sister and my daughter in one person: MOLLY. She is so cute I have to cry.
6. Amazing forest in Slovakia. Nice trip with my whole family and my girl.
1. One of my favourite things is summer storm. I LOVE IT! Best thing you've ever seen.
2. Getting attacked by a huge summer storm. wet hair and so much fun in the woods while taking outfit photos with my soulsister, Anna.
3. Strawberries! 
4. Molly is smiling all the time since she met with a handsome dog from our neighbourhood. I think she is in love.
5. Pancakes I baked on Saturday. What boredom does with us! Getting fat.
6. Celebrating my youth in my fav cave. it's so romantic with a human skull! I'll show you the outfit photos soon.
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  1. Oh da sind superschöne Bilder dabei!
    Bei mir läuft gerade eine Blogvorstellung, ich würde mich freuen wenn du Lust hättest teil zu nehmen:)

  2. oh mein gott, tut mir so unendlich leid, dass ich so lange zum antworten gebraucht hab, aber ich bin bis zum hals im stress gesteckt und kann jetzt nach der letzten prüfung endlich entspannen:)
    tut mir auch leid, dass ich mir den song noch anhören muss, ich hab grad gar nichts im griff:/
    die kenne ich alle, am liebsten mag ich clueso*-* kennst du macklemore?:)
    was gibt es sonst so neues?:)

  3. Wirklich schöne Bilder dabei :)