Mittwoch, 19. Juni 2013

Summer begins with pancakes

it's summer wow. the school is over and I feel myself like reborn. I celebrated my 19th birthday on Monday, and I had so much fun with my friends, first of all we went to a pizzeria to eat some tasty pizzas, then we drunk wine in a pub, on Friday we travelled to a lovely town Eger, where we drunk so much Shakes, and ate a lot of gyros, the weather was amazing but unfortunately too hot. However, I bought 2 T-shirts and shoes as well. the next day my sister and her lovely boyfriend visited me and I got a nice H&M Gutschein (don't know the english for it), my mother cooked a tasty meal and baked a nice strawberry cake for me so everything was the best, and we also took some outfit pics in the woods. on sunday me and my soulsister Anna travelled to Budapest to take part in a really good program: sleep party people concert. OMG! can you believe it? well, I couldn't. Sleep party people is one of my fav bands and see them live was so ridiculously elevating! The concert was really unbelievable, these danish boys know how to make good music! so that was the moment, when Kinga fell in love with a bunny haha :D After the concert we went back to Tomasz' home and we talked to each other the whole night. we cooked spaghetti and it was really delicious but the next day we were soooo tired and the weather was unendurable hot... 
yesterday I went with my closest friends to a restaurant and we ate was unforgettable haha :D I have 3 free days, then I travel to a holiday with my family and Sziszi, so we'll have a great time again. this summer seems to be really memorable but too short. the next year will be horror! 

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oh and I got a nice new phone to my birthday so I have instagram now, you can follow me if you want: coldinvitation


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  2. Look yummie i love your rings :)

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